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Original Equipment

Prairie Evolution

Australian Tyre Traders (ATT) expanded operations into the Original Equipment (OE) sector producing tyres for organisations that manufacture vehicles for use in a wide variety of applications.

Farm machinery manufacturers understand that there is no point in spending millions of dollars developing the handling capacity and ride quality of new machines without consideration of tyres that can reliably do the job. That’s why ATT have recently designed new tyres or fine-tuned versions of existing designs that are engineered for new machinery from the beginning of the vehicle’s development process.

OE tyres play an integral role in achieving the machinery’s performance capabilities. As vehicles have evolved in recent years, so have OE tyres and with an expert in-house research and development (R&D) department, ATT’s technical department are involved from the initial product brief and design through to the final manufactured product. 

ATT’s National OE manager, David Naughton, believes that relationship management is a key component of the original equipment manufacturing process. David acknowledges that it is important to extend the scope far beyond just supplying tyres and that maintaining high customer satisfaction and long-term cost efficiency is a core focus of ATT. 


ATT’s bespoke programs include:

  1. Controlled tyre design;
  2. Solving specific individual company problems;
  3. Assembled tyre and wheel packages;
  4. Personalised service through a dedicated OE manager;
  5. Tyre branding; and
  6. Optional wheel supply. 



At  Australian Tyre Traders we extend our scope far beyond just supplying tyres.

Our organisation has created a unique program where we provide solutions for companies who have the need for obtaining high quality products for their original equipment with service that backs up supply.

Whenever you see the Road Map brand mark you can be rest assured that Australian Tyre Traders will be there.

We’ve got you covered.



david naughton


For more information please contact: 

David Naughton - National OEM Manager