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MRF started as a toy balloon maker in 1946 in South India and quickly grew to become one of India's largest and most respective companies. Renowned for product superiority and innovation, MRF continues to be one of the leading tyre makers in India.


The design process at MRF starts from the customer - input from individual customers are compiled by marketing and given to Corporate Technical MRF's R&D and Product Development Division or vehicle specific requirements are received from the OE customer.

MRF's team of 300 engineers and scientists give MRF enormous strength in product design.

MRF uses cutting edge technologies in predictive testing and design validation before it leaves the drawing board. These advances have significantly brought down the time to market for new designs.

Advanced raw materials are tested and approved in our NABL accredited labratories. MRF works closely with global suppliers in using the latest developments in material across the globe. The MRF labratories have the latest in testing equipment and closely monitor the quality of the material going into the tyres at the time of approval.

The prototypes for verification and validation testing are manufactured in one of MRF's 6 factories all of which are TS 16949/ISO 9001 certified. The tyres then go through testing for confirming the architechture and a series of indoor testing to ensure that they meet MRF's tight standards and also those required by the OEM or by any of the national standards like BIS/JIS/ETRTO/T&RA.

Tyres are now handed over to the Vehicle Dynamics Group, who now validates the design on the vehicle. These tests are done at the test track in a series of manoeuvres at various speeds, pushing the tyres to the limits of its capabilities.

Only after this lengthy process do MRF distribute tyres.